Categories & Prizes

The number one goal for the The Cannibal Royal Challenge is to raise funds for charity. Ultimately, they will be the real winners however, category prizes will also be awarded.

The Royal Challenge (10.5km Paddle / 21km Run / 10.5km Paddle)

Individual (16yrs+)

Individual competitors must complete the entire race on their own.

2 Person Team (15yrs+)

As an out and back 2 lap course has been designed for both run and paddle a 2 person team can choose who does what leg. The options include

  1. A dedicted paddler and dedicated runner that will do each 21km exclusivley or;
  2. Each team member complete one paddle and one run leg each.

4 Person Team (15yrs+)

A 4 Person Corporate Team will consist of 2 x ski paddlers and 2 x runners.

  • Team Member 1 will be required to do the first ski leg (10.5km)
  • Team Member 2 will be required to do the 1st loop of the run (10.5km)
  • Team Member 3 will be required to do the 2nd loop of the run (10.5km)
  • Team Member 4 will be required to do the final ski leg (10.5km)

Paddle & Plod (5km Paddle / 5km Run)

Open to 15yr+ competitors. This is for individuals only

5km Community Paddle (SUP, Pron, Mals, OCs & Kayaks)

This is open to any individual 15yrs+

There are only 3 categories and an open age group.

  1. SUP
  2. Prone (SLS Mals or larger that are paddle with hands only either laying down or kneeling)
  3. OCs/Kayaks

Charity Awards

  • Highest Individual Collections (not part of a team)
  • Highest Team Collections

Placegetter Prizes


Other Awards

The Royal Challenge will also recognise individual competitors for extraordinary effort which will be judged on the day. These include:

  • The Bob Southwell Outstanding Performance Award
  • The "Golden Scrunchy" Award

Random Prizes

Thanks to our many sponsors and the local business community, there will be plenty of opportunity for competitors to win random prizes throughout the night at our presentation ceremony.

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